A Faster Computer Equals A Happier You

Our computers have become an important part of everyday life in multiple ways, providing us all we require; from the link to anything we seek in the world, to the ability to do almost any job. Computers have let us link to anyone and anything on the planet, transmitting all sorts of information at an ever increasing speed, and with it, also shortening our attention spans to the point of almost nothing, as our impatience grows in its place.

Our need for performance only gets stronger as time passes because of this, and with it, we’re constantly searching for a way to speed up our computers and get to where we need to go in less time and on a more stable link. There is no substitute for a reliable, safe connection to stream all of the data you need for whatever it is you are trying to accomplish, but in some cases, you have to go a little further and boost your signal to receive a clearer, more powerful connection to the world in the palm of your hand.

One method to acheive a more reliable connection is to simply forego a Wi-Fi connection and connect your internet straight through an Ethernet cable, not only giving you a secure, grounded link to the source, but also receiving the full power of the signal, instead of splitting or sharing the connection. You could do this with varying amounts of power as well, with Cisco compatible SFP modules available in a range of specifications, allowing you to get just the right level of connection for your network, taking into account the number of computers that are connected to the same router, and how much data each of them can also manage on their own.

The best part is that they are so simple to install that you could have your old transceiver removed and replaced with the newer, more advanced transceiver in no time at all, and you may even go a bit farther than that and get yourself an even more powerful Cisco compatible GLC-T that may manage a heavier workload and may get you the smoothest connection possible. This is just a single solution, but if you’re truly looking to make a larger impact on your device’s performance, then you’ll only see this as the first piece in a long line of upgrades that you are more than capable of managing by yourself, without needing to spend a lot of money.

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