How to Cut Back on the Costs of Ordering Modules

You might locate several online vendors selling great SFP transceivers for your business needs, but many have large markups on their product lines that leave little room for any savings. Other vendors, though, typically try to liquidate their product lines as soon as newer products arrive to help individuals save some money. No matter if you purchase these items on discount or not, you can expect to pay a couple hundred dollars for a device because of the hardware these items come with as well as the manufacturing cost of them.

When To Shop

Most folks feel that the best time to buy a new SFP module is when the product breaks down and no longer can handle the rigors of a stressful workload that can damage its parts. Most individuals think this is the ideal time to wait to purchase a new item, but it’s often the worst time to get modules, and instead, you should order a device sooner rather than later in order to help cut down on the costs. Instead, you want to wait till the device is displaying signs of wear and tear to purchase because then you’ll have plenty of time to search through different company catalogs for specials and save a few bucks in the process. Say you need to buy a new Cisco GLC-T transceiver before your old one breaks; you might not have the luxury of shopping around for a new item and may have to get the product at whatever price vendors sell it at. Waiting till the last minute affords you very little leeway to wait for discounts or purchase from a cheaper merchant with bigger discounts and better product lines.

What to Look For

If you can order compatible devices that work with your current lineup of modules, do so to save yourself a few hundred dollars on third-party manufacturers’ series of SFP modules. You could always order modules from companies that are starting to liquidate their two-year or three-year device lineups to make room for the new transceivers that will be arriving. Of course, purchasing these three-year old lineups does entail a huge discount for the buyer, but it also means these Cisco SFP transceivers do come with features that you may no longer need or that are not compatible with your system. It’s great to purchase refurbished items or from a third-party merchant rather than the manufacturer itself to avoid paying higher prices for modules.

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